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A “potted” collection of French Cookbooks

With such a proliferation of glamorous cookbooks in the marketplace, the “Bible’’ of them all – the new English edition of the French encyclopedia of cooking, Larousse Gastronomique  is on sale for a hefty $145.00. It was originally published in 1938 in French, but the first English translation wasn’t until 1961. This new edition has […]

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France’s fleshy fungi taste “Magnifique!”

What to do with those two cepe mushrooms I found on the roadside? Well, a French recipe is a must because I first ate the fleshy fungi in France. I find a perfect recipe in  Auguste Escoffier’s book 2,000 Favourite French recipes, which is the only one of his works written for the home cook. […]

French fare for time-poor cooks

Pumpkin soup has never tasted so good with a touch of t urnip, thanks to the great French chef, Auguste Escoffier. The recipe book 2000 Favourite French Recipes was his final gift to French housewives and is translated in English. First published as Ma Cuisine in 1965, ingredients are given in pounds and ounces, which […]

Escoffier – King of Chefs – Founder of French Haute Cuisine

French chef Auguste Escoffier was unquestionably one of the greatest chefs the world has known and is  hailed by all the best chefs today as “The King of Chefs”.  He was the genius who masterminded the French realm of Gastronomy and cultivated “haute cuisine’’. Escoffier was born in 1847 at Villeneuve-Loubet in the Alpes Maritimes, […]