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My roses – Amazing Grace and French Lace

There is something of interest to everyone in my little gathering of writings over the past three months on www.nadinewilliams.com.au. I am sure you can read between the lines (given the length of time since I have written to you) that “grief may be a university emotion, but each of us takes our own path’’. Barnaby said that last night in Midsommer Murders and it fits my life, too.

Yet, as you read this collection of thoughts, there is much joy to report, too,  in Fringe and Festival fever in Adelaide in Mad March. It is the only place in OZ to be right now.

In Travellers’ Tales, friends Jeanette and Gary Coombes have written of their extraordinary “holiday’’ in the hottest, dustiest, driest part of South Australia and I have shared a pleasant journey on the Overland to Melbourne. Plenty of pictures, too, now that I have finally mastered the art of transferring photographs from my files to the web – AND Life and Style by Nadine Williams.

My journal includings a wrapup of “les affaires quotidien’’ which includes my garden and the excitement of the Festival of Arts and in absolute contrast, caring for grand-daughter Scarlett, for the first time. I don’t write about the never-ending story of trying to tackle learning French, but I continue with weekly lessons.  My blog Absolutely French has some interesting snippets.

However, the main reason for my email to you is that I have written about International Women’s Day and wanted to share it with you.

Enjoy reading in this sweltering heat. (It was zero in Paris yesterday!) So what would you prefer? Sunnies and bathers or rugged up for the South Pole?

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