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Trusty Xmas treat for time-poor ladies

We women have always been great at multi-tasking, so it seemed natural that at the end of a consultation, my local GP, Dr Helen Roxburgh, flashed her iphone to show a quick Christmas dessert, which she whipped up recently for a family event after a heavy day at the surgery. The base of this delicious treat is […]

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My family wins table at Heston’s Fat Duck

  Pity it wasn’t one of those multi-million dollar lotteries, but from the exhilaration from my son Tyson’s household you would think they had won the jackpot.   However, in an exciting win, his wife, Vanessa’s name came up in the ballot results for  reservations at Heston Blumenthal’s Fat Duck restaurant at Melbourne’s Crown. Thousands missed […]

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Celsius earns Wow Factor for Fine Dining

There is only one word to describe a Saturday evening 7-course degustation with matching wines at Celsius – “Sublime’’ ! Celsius chef Ayhan Erkoc (funny name, but don’t let that put you off)  is a culinary genius in the kitchen of his Gouger Street contemporary restaurant where his unique dining concept has already earned him […]

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Xmas Pudding and Trifle terrific treats

Is there anything as sweet and alluring to the eye than Christmas Day desserts?  Ours were a delicious trifle which was a treat for the eye as well as the taste buds and a home-made Christmas pudding with an aroma to capture the spirit of the season. Yet I cannot take credit for either and admit […]

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Food a Focus in Anti-cancer “synergy”.

The fight against cancer starts in the kitchen according to anticancer guru David Serwan-Schreiber.  “Food is something we give our body three times a day. Everything we eat has a profound impact on our physiology. He tells us to pay attention to what we eat. “I bring in chemicals in my food which fights cancer,” […]

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A sobering story

It is the tail end of a delightful birthday soiree for eight hosted by our friends/neighbours Chris and Peter and we have retired under the vine-clad pergola for fig-infused ginger pudding with maple syrup and cream. Scuttlebutt about recent politics and earthquakes had moved on to winespeak – about the best wines we had consumed […]

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