Trusty Xmas treat for time-poor ladies

My friend Helen's pavlova

My friend Helen’s pavlova

We women have always been great at multi-tasking, so it seemed natural that at the end of a consultation, my local GP, Dr Helen Roxburgh, flashed her iphone to show a quick Christmas dessert, which she whipped up recently for a family event after a heavy day at the surgery.

The base of this delicious treat is an ordinary Aussie pavlova – and there are supermarket products for women who are really time poor (but Helen made hers) – and then she decorated it with assorted berries and some sprigs of real holly.

With very little effort, she produced a stunning, in-season dessert and she wanted to pass it on to me – and I am passing it on to anyone who feel they can’t quite cope with that request – from out of the blue – “can you please bring dessert”.

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