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Church covered up child sexual abuse

LETTERS: I have just finished reading the damning report into the negligence of the Anglican Church under the leadership of Dr Ian George towards protection of child sexual abuse victims.  The entrenched practice of cover-up is truly shocking and a betrayal of the concept of Christian principles.  Where protection of young children should have been […]

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Robyne thanks her dad for happy childhood

Robyne Laird Jones wrote this emotive tribute to her dad and she was happy to have it reproduced on my website. Straight from the heart, it reveals the typical Australian childhood she and her siblings enjoyed – One quite different to mine, noted in my My Journal blog in November 2015. “It is with a broken […]

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Jockey Michelle beats racing discrimination

Is there a greater thrill in November than enjoying a girlie Melbourne Cup luncheon when trailblazer jockey Michelle Payne became the first woman to win at Flemington? And she was riding my Sweep pick – Prince of Penzance! It’s such a cracker of an Aussie story. And the Lyceum club crowd cheered when she publicly […]

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Feisty Michelle wins big race and our hearts

If ever the Melbourne Cup, Australia’s great horse race, defined us as Australian, it was when the first woman jockey, Michelle Payne rode Prince of Penzance over the finish line at Flemington. It was a sensational ride to victory against all the odds  ridden by a slip of a lady who even some of the […]

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Regular exercise can slash breast cancer risk

Hit the pavement running ladies, or hire that exercise bike to stave off breast cancer. According to a French study of postmenopausal women, regular recreational physical activity seems to have a rapid impact on breast cancer risk in women over 50. The research from the Institut Gustav Roussy in Villejuif involved data from 59,308 women […]

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