Dedicated career rewarded with Aussie gong

Nadine Williams OAM, (Vve Foubert). At home with Veuve Cliquot to share.

Nadine Williams OAM, (Vve Foubert). At home with Veuve Cliquot to share.

Joy. Pride. Exhilaration. Disbelief. Thankfulness.  All these are among a bucketload of emotions experienced when two amazing events peppered my life over the past 3 months.

I am going to be the author of a second book.  So exciting! All the nail-biting over the success or rejection of my second manuscript with the working title Bon Voyage Mesdames was over when Harlequin Publishers bought the rights to my memoir in March.  In April, I signed the contract which will see a name change to Farewell My Love with a publication date of April 2017. Read the finer print on my My Journal blog which carries a photograph of that wonderful moment of signing the contract with Harlequin publisher Jo Mackay and my agent, Selwa Anthony at her apartment in Pyrmont, Sydney.

Yet, awaiting me when I returned from my overseas trip in May, was another wonderful event in June when I was awarded the Medal of the Order of Australia in the Queen’s Birthday 2016 Honours List for “service to the print media in SA”.  It was published on Monday, June 13 in The Australian and The Advertiser. However, the flood of congratulations were on Facebook where dear friend Jenny (she who would NEVER GO ON FACEBOOK, but clearly is now an expert) posted a touching blog as did my daughter Felicia and my gifted artist friend Marie Jonsson-Harrison.  If you look up my Life & Style by Nadine Williams personal Facebook page, you can see my heart-felt response.

The Lyceum International again held an informative, very enjoyablecongress in Amsterdam in  May and my Sydney friend Jane and I joined about 50 women and a few husbands on the 7-day post tour across The Netherlands.  It was an amazing experience travelling with many women from around the world. I will write a quick run-down for Travellers’ Tales blog.

I arrived home from bitterly cold, rainy Paris to a bitterly cold and rainy  Adelaide and fear this will be a longer than usual winter for me. Meanwhile, I hope you enjoy reading in a warm cosy environment.

Cheers, Nadine Williams Foubert, OAM.




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8 Comments to “Dedicated career rewarded with Aussie gong”

  1. By Diane, 24/06/2014 @ 11:04 am

    I sorry to read this , my mother went the same way , and would eat , it is part of life , and a it shows us our mortality .
    All my best with this to your family .

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  3. By Peter samargia, 22/11/2014 @ 2:51 am


    Wishing you warmth and kindness today. Your writings brought me right to the center of your beautiful town. I , for one am grateful you chose to write again. It certainly was speaking to me like I was their.

    Be well,


  4. By Marie Jonsson-Harrison, 09/12/2014 @ 11:55 am

    Dearest Nadine, Lovely to read your Christmas blog full of cheer and Christmas spirit both from yesteryear and for the future. Keep writing honey, you do it so well. Hugs Marie xxx

  5. By Joy Doecke (Burgemeister), 23/12/2014 @ 2:21 pm

    Thank you for this article .It was so nostalgic reading it. It brought back many memories of my parents, your parents and the times at Hampstead in the old tin shed. I will share this with my brothers and my family. I continue the tradition of making honey biscuits, which my family enjoy very much.
    Have a very happy and Blessed Christmas.

  6. By Lilian Schulz, 14/06/2015 @ 3:25 pm

    Hello, Nadine,

    I live in Capetown, South Africa, and I came across your book ‘From France with Love’ only two weeks ago + I absolutely love it + can’t wait till it is night + the house is quiet + I can cherish every word you wrote. And I can’t wait and see what will happen with your relationship with Olivier + if you love him so much that you give in. But I feel I know already the outcome because this early morning while still in bed after letting all my furry ‘ hooligans’ out, giving them a little ‘amuse geule’ + then back to bed, I felt like wanting to know more about you + there I see your blog + you signed with Foubert + you wrote about sad moments etc. Now I know the outcome of the book , I admired you so much to have put up with all the accomodations in France, I think I would have thrown the towel already when you had to sleep in that dusty attic. I have been to France every year in my school holidays with my mother + we always stayed in nice little hotels or ‘pensions’, but never like you had to do. I felt so angry with Olivier + thought, how dares he to put her through this + you were so patient. Later in life I had the opportunity to stay in beautiful hotels like the RITZ + the PLAZA + dined at FOUQUET etc. Your book brings back so many memories + you express sentiments that I feel the same. Now living in SA with the wide open spaces + most people own their own houses you don’t see everything so glamorous as it is portrayed in magazines about Paris or France. I remember in 2009 when I moved to Kenya, another adventure in my life, + when I visited my mother in Germany + stopped in Paris + stayed with the ( at that time) French girlfriend of my son, a Parisian journalist, in an appartment, she shared with two others, because Paris is so expensive + we had to take the subway + I experienced the Parisian commuters who are not the friendliest in the world, as Parisians in general are not friendly, even when you speak French, it was quite a shock for me. I was thinking of my house in Africa, my many dogs + the whole lifestyle I have here. Everything looks so glamorous from far away + a lot of people here are decorating their houses in the French style, because it is so chic, so oh la la + it make me smile because the reality is far from it, especially in these days + times with the economic hardships. I am so glad I experienced France when St. Tropez was still the charming fishing village + I saw Brigitte Bardot in the same restaurant + I bought the same dress that she had bought + I still wear it sometimes. Monaco was so beautiful + I went there again when the F 1 was + couldn’t believe how terribly built up it is. Thanks again, Nadine, for bringing back memories + making me aware of how grateful I have to be to live where I live now. You can’t bring the past back, I have learned that. Bisous bisous x Lilian

  7. By Agnes Buijten, 05/09/2016 @ 1:11 am

    Hello Nadine,

    You might or might not remember me. We met for the first time during the cultural days in Berlin.
    There you told me that you were writing that would be given the title ‘Farewell My Love’ and told me to look out for it.
    And now it has been published!!
    And as a cherry on the pudding you got an award.
    Many happy congratulations.
    I’ll try and see if your book is available in the Netherlands and when so I’ll certainly will buy it.

    Friendly greetings from a IALC friend from the club Amsterdam.


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