2018 – a time to reflect and flourish anew

A new start in a new year. Website work-shopping with web whiz James Buchanan in Melbourne. Well worth the trip.

Oh dear, it’s February and life is cramming up as if there were no holidays in January.  In the absence of a proper New Year message here are some strategic photos from 2017.  The highlight was the launch of my book Farewell My French Love in Adelaide in late April.  Three years had passed since I sent off my completed  manuscript to my agent who organised a publishing deal with Harlequin. We launched in Adelaide in April and Sydney in May.  Following book shop events and an uplifting regional library event in Bendigo saw excellent book sales.  Life seemed to be flowing ever forward with an itinerary of book events into the second half of the year.

But, I was unlucky to fall victim to the flu epidemic in July – and blood tests revealed my body was fighting two other viruses at the same time.  I became a very sick chick very quickly.  Living alone, I had to order an ambulance because I couldn’t breathe.  Hospital overnight stay revealed the above scenario. I lost a month and so began a longer recovery time.  It was obvious my body was fatigued and so the book promotion put on the backburner – until now – February 2018.  I am happy to report that my first book promotion for 2018 in Tasmania in early February was so successful that I am inspired to continue  marketing Farewell My French Love and its central message that loss is the legacy of love and that recovery needs to link back into life through family, friendship and learning to have fun again. Here are some photos capturing the long journey from signing that publishing deal with Harlequin to the moment my book was launched in Adelaide on April 26, 2017.  And to right now. Website work-shopping in February 2018.


Signing my publishing contract with Harlequin at the Sydney home of my agent Selwa Anthony (standing).

Director of Alliance Francaise Mr Laurent Pointud launched my memoir in April 2017 with friends.

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