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A “potted” collection of French Cookbooks

With such a proliferation of glamorous cookbooks in the marketplace, the “Bible’’ of them all – the new English edition of the French encyclopedia of cooking, Larousse Gastronomique  is on sale for a hefty $145.00. It was originally published in 1938 in French, but the first English translation wasn’t until 1961. This new edition has […]

Our Easter feast includes a “Stuff-Off”

Food culture has invaded our Easter celebrations with all the birds roasted for our Sunday feast being filled with stuffings in our family’s stuff-off.  The table is set with the best china, Josephine has picked flowers for the table setting,  the potatoes are crispy and the three birds, the duck, the turkey and the chicken, […]

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France’s fleshy fungi taste “Magnifique!”

What to do with those two cepe mushrooms I found on the roadside? Well, a French recipe is a must because I first ate the fleshy fungi in France. I find a perfect recipe in  Auguste Escoffier’s book 2,000 Favourite French recipes, which is the only one of his works written for the home cook. […]

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Quel Horreur! Cry French Chefs

Quel Horreur! France’s most distinguished chefs  are trembling at the prospect that disgruntled diners can describe dining fiascos in the world’s most influential restaurant guide. The august Michelin Guide – the bible of gastronomy – has catapaulted into the social media with a new website that has opened to public comment. The move has “les […]

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Simple French Cuisine for Australians

It’s Easter Saturday and I plans to make a tasty lunch for Olivier, whom I expect will be allowed day leave from hospital today. However, this delightful April Indian summer means I must water our new garden plantings first before the heat of another day wilts them. I have planted pansies around the garden borders […]

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A French Favourite Starter – pork

Rillettes De Porc   Method Olivier’s claim to fame in the kitchen is home-made pork rillettes, which is easy to make, keeps well and can be made in big quantities for a crowd. For 1 kg of boneless pork belly (with plenty of fat) you will need ½ kg of back pork fat.  Most butchers […]

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