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Family bearing food creates fun times

Food, glorious food is fundamental  to the French people’s expression of family life and never was this expressed more warmly than when husband Olivier’s adult children and their partners visited bearing gifts of food. French-born Patricia brought her own home-made Les Recettes beef soup as well as a renowned French dessert – Clafouti, a baked […]

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French fare for time-poor cooks

Pumpkin soup has never tasted so good with a touch of t urnip, thanks to the great French chef, Auguste Escoffier. The recipe book 2000 Favourite French Recipes was his final gift to French housewives and is translated in English. First published as Ma Cuisine in 1965, ingredients are given in pounds and ounces, which […]

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Quack Quack about Le Petit Canard Restaurant in Paris

By SERENA WILLIAMS: One of my “when I retire” fantasies is to have a native duck sanctuary cum farm. The idea would be to create a healthy environment for native ducks and geese and any species that overpopulated the place would be for dinner. Some people with whom I have shared this plan say: “Hypocrite! […]

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Cepes and Citron dishes from My French kitchen

Rarely does French husband venture into my kitchen when I am at work, but this morning we are standing side by side by the hotplates making French dishes. At the big element he is sauté-ing cepe mushrooms we gathered yesterday in the Kuitpo Forest and I am stirring the lemon mixture for Tarte au Citron […]

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Chicken Liver Pate by Chef Jean Pierre Rival

Ingredients: 500 gr cleaned chicken livers, marinated for a few hours in mix of 200ml port, garlic, 1 large onion, salt and pepper, bayleaves. Everything goes into a steamer for 20 minutes. DO NOT OVERCOOK because livers must be pink inside. Strain all the livers and keep the juice, but take out the bayleaves, place […]

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Pheasant Veronique:

What do we cook to celebrate our wedding anniversary dinner? Something grand for just the two of us to be served on the terrace at twilight overlooking the River Murray, which is fast flowing past our rental accommodation right now. The answer comes as we approach Mt Compass where we usually buy venison. But today, […]

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