Quel Horreur! Cry French Chefs

Quel Horreur! France’s most distinguished chefs  are trembling at the prospect that disgruntled diners can describe dining fiascos in the world’s most influential restaurant guide.

The august Michelin Guide – the bible of gastronomy – has catapaulted into the social media with a new website that has opened to public comment.

The move has “les grands cruisiniers choking over their casseroles amid warnings that Frnace’s whole gastronomic edific coul;d crumble”.

They are horrified at the notion that ordinary diners could say what they thought about the Filets de sole sur mousse or Supremes de poulet la Valliere.

An article in The Times quotes Alexandre Cammas, a respected food critic and founder of an alternative guide Le Fooding, as saying the row showed Michelin’s dominance as an arbiter of haute cuisine.

“The business of chefs like Alain Ducasse and Joel Robuchon is totally based on Michelin,” he said.

“The top chefs will never admit that they are afraid of having the public comment about their restaurants but the truth is they re not at all sure of themselves and they don’t want this.”

Ducasse, a multi-Michelin-starred icon, reportedly told managers of the guide: “If you leave the comment section open, there will be uproar in the profession.”


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