Bastille Day brings valuable radio talk

Bastille Day was a great chance to promote my new memoir Farewell My French Love, when I wrote and did a media distribution on a funny take on the French people and their idiosyncrasies.  And how lucky was I when the popular Sydney radio station, 2UE, picked up my release and telephoned for a chat on its lifestyle morning program. How good is modern technology because here it is for you to experience.  IT’S LIGHT AND FLUFFY, but I get a chance to namedrop my book, and it was fun.  Although as a former Cultural Issues writer at The Advertiser, my observation of the French is a fine skill, thank goodness, the hosts didn’t ask about the reason for Bastille Day which would have taken up my 10 minute slot and bogged me down into the French Revolution. Instead my memoir captures   the modern delights of travelling in France – its foods, wines and cheeses and the glorious regions of Provence, the Loire Valley and Brittany.

Here is the link for you to listen to.