Publishing deal sets new trajectory

A proud moment at my publishing deal

A proud moment at my publishing deal

Hello everyone,   The stars above us must be in alignment because March has brought astounding happenings to set my life on a new trajectory.

The biggest news is that I have sold my manuscript, with the working title, Bon Voyage Mesdames, to Harlequin Publishers.  Adding to the excitement, my agent, Selwa Anthony advised me of this splendid deal a few days after Writers Week here in Adelaide. This will be my second book following From France With Love, published 9 years ago. Yes, it’s a long time between drinks as we Aussies say, but this second publishing deal has given me permission to feel like a real author.

I fly to Sydney on April 13 to sign the publishing contract on Friday, April 15 with a publication date of April 2017.

My close friends will testify to my doubt over the past 6 months since October when I despatched the second draft to Selwa. It had taken  me almost 12 months to complete a second draft.

My friend Jane, with whom I shared this extraordinary journey back to France after Olivier’s death, never doubted that it would be picked up by an astute publisher.  Yes, its unashamedly Francophilic, as I loved France even before I met Olivier,  but it was also the catalyst for my emotional recovery. Paris truly is a magical city,  as it lifted that crippling black cloud of grief to be able to feel that delicious joie de vivre once more.

Writing about loss is timely, just like back in the 60s and 70s when it was simply the time to write about sex.  But so are the main elements of my  story – the richness of women friends, food phobias and travel adventures in France and to experience its language and history.

Once when baby boomers were young, the social script was love and romance, marriage, babies and the good life. But  Baby Boomers born in 1946 turn 70 this year and millions more are moving into the 60s. Almost overnight, Boomers’  easy ride along honey-laden highway of life has come face to face with loss.  Suddenly love is intrinsically linked not to romance, but to loss.   Loss of our ageing parents and for those unlucky ones, as I was, the loss of a beloved spouse. Sadly, some people never recover from grief.  But I discovered so many pleasures in France that  slowly happiness seeped back into my heart.



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15 Comments to “Publishing deal sets new trajectory”

  1. By Diane Colton, 03/12/2012 @ 9:38 am

    Im glad to see you writing more regularly , and also that you are enjoying your new grandchild .

  2. By nadine williams, 03/12/2012 @ 4:34 pm

    I hope so, Diane. The garden is taking much of my attention right now as it is so pleasurable and everything must be safely in the ground within days because summer is upon us and this is not the time to plant. xxx Nadine

  3. By Nadine Williams, 11/12/2012 @ 1:34 pm

    Hello. I happened to stumble upon your website, after searching up my own name, and I was utterly amazed.
    I was surprised to find that there is another Nadine Williams out there, and that she is an author. I would love to one day sit down and read your book. I would also love to have a converastion with you.
    Nadine Williams

    • By nadine, 11/12/2012 @ 7:07 pm

      Hello Nadine, Yes I am amazed too. I have kept your email andwill write separately. I would love to meet you, too. Do you live in Australia or overseas? You will have read that my married name is “Foubert” and my book is my memoir of our lovestory in 2004 when Olivier firsts took me to France when he was a new widower. He died on May 11 this year, seven months ago today, so this has been a terribly sad year for me, but at this point the crying has eased. I intend to trael in thefuture, so hopefully our stars will meet up. Kind regards, Nadine Williams

  4. By RILKA WARBANOFF, 11/01/2013 @ 12:47 pm

    Hello Nadine,
    I was fascinated by your article on the Murray in the boomer magazine. We have many parallels in life – I lost my husband Bill to cancer in 2005 and last year published a book Rilka’s Feasts via Harper Collins. Born in Adelaide, I am currently exploring the possibility of living on the Murray and have recently visited Hindmarsh Island and Mannum. Later this month I am driving from Adelaide to Mildura, Renmark and Echuca to explore further. I would love to talk with you about your experiences on the Murray, if you are interested
    Kind Regards,
    Rilka Warbanoff.

  5. By peter peppin, 20/01/2013 @ 5:20 pm

    Hello Nadine,

    Great website and also great article in the Boomer last week. Thanks for the card and best wishes for 2013.

    Peter Peppin

    • By nadine, 27/01/2013 @ 10:24 pm

      thanks Peter. Still plenty of potential though. Happy New Year. xxx Nadine

  6. By Carol Martin, 28/01/2013 @ 2:22 pm

    Good afternoon Nadine, I have met you on many accasions over the years through mutual friends, only this weekend I discovered my Uncle Bernie Graham knows you from your work with Novita many nyears ago when he was at Moomba with Santos through your fundraising and they had cans that raised money.
    Also I spoke to you recently about being patron of the OC Challenge (Ovaraian Cancer Challenge) Being involved in local government as a councillor can be like having a loud speaker at the top of a local Mountain and I have taken every opportunity to promote community organisations and health and well-being.)I am proud to be the inaugural patron of this organisation primarily set up to promote healthy lifestyles and awareness for ovarian cancer, and supporting women ‘health issues at the Women’s health unit at the RAH. Recently Angela Condos AM has supported us by including the organisation as the recipient for the second time of her ASFM Melbourne Cup luncheon enabling more funds for research into ovarian cancer All Monies raised will contribute to funding research and psychological support for women diagnosed with ovarian cancer here in SA & NT. Tragically every year 800 Australian women will lose their battle and die from Ovarian Cancer with one woman dying every 10 hours. There is no specific test for Ovarian Cancer. The goal of the O.C. Challenge is to support and increase the awareness of Ovarian Cancer in South Australia and raise funds to assist in the psychological support of women whilst educating the wider community of this insidious disease. Nadine we have associate Proffedsor Marg Davy AM who is on our comittee and she contributes to a newsletter talking to women and giving some good advise.on friday evening at the Port Adelaide Enfield Council Australia Day awards we won Event of the year for our walkathon

    hope you are well look forward to seeing you at Maria’s next lunch Carol

    • By nadine, 28/01/2013 @ 8:32 pm

      Dear Carol, Many thanks for your note. I remember you saying something to me in the ladies toilet at Lenzerheide, but I did not take anything in…I find everything goes over my head and nothing is sharp or clear since Olivier’s death eight months ago I am sorry I was so evasive, I simply did not comprehend what you were saying. It sounds like you have promoted yourself, so congratulations. I am trying to get myself together with a holiday up in Queensland which as you can imagine is stressful with the floods which are very dramatic. I hope to attend Maria’s event in February. If you can send me the material on the Ovarian Cncer Challenge I would be happy to feature it in my blog. The age and aphrodite blog is really meant for health and wellness and ageing well, so I have been thinking of changing the title, but it all costs money and once again I lack motivation. I hope 2013 will bring a big metamorphosis, but most booklets on grief so it is unrealistic to expect to return to the person you cone more.
      Kindest regards, Nadine.
      PS: Let me know if you do not get my email notes about the web.

  7. By Matthew Donovan, 08/02/2013 @ 6:09 pm

    Hi Nadine , just thought I would warn you of a scam where someone has used you name and photo to run a Nigerian style scam.
    here is a link to her Facebook page

    Below is a transcript of the chat session she initiated immediately after requesting me, I occasionally get interviewed by Advertised journos so I accepted.



    Hello Nadine


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    ive gotthe page up

    you should send him a friend request

    he gives away $ and his Jg and FG page has only 17 likes ?

    what did you mean?

    So why did he give you $100000 Nadine ?

    Your name and e-mail was drawn electronically and you are being picked randomly as one of the star winners of the week.

    So how come he hasnt contacted me ?

    you should contact him now and claim yours from him

    what part of Nigeria are you from ?

  8. By Joy Nugent, 25/02/2013 @ 4:21 pm

    Nadine, I hear you have written about Prof Ian Maddocks in the Advertiser today. Well done! His work is so valuable and committed – at age 81! Giving his mobile number to all in his care! Who is going to replace hom??? Death anxiety is still so strong in our culture and surely time this last taboo received more discussion. I think of death as graduation after earth school and there are no recipies – just individual responses and experiences. Go well!! Joy Nugent

  9. By Pamela, 03/06/2013 @ 8:33 pm

    I loved your stories you are such a great writer you make everything sound so much better than I possibly could… felicitations cher ami…. Pamela D Schulz ( author and discourse analyst).

  10. By Helen Jones, 01/10/2013 @ 9:42 pm

    Trying to contact Nadine who wrote an article in Adelaide Advertiser 1 April , 2000 about Roberta Read, an extraordinary woman veterinarian. I am writing a book on Australian women vets and Roberta is one of women.

  11. By Vincenza Pearce, 10/03/2014 @ 10:52 am

    Hello Nadine,
    It was lovely to see you the other morning at the IAF breakfast.
    I do want to catch up with you soon. I have a hectic week this week but should be free to come up and visit you the following week if that suits or we can meet for coffee at a nearby cafe.
    Ciao for now

  12. By, 19/09/2014 @ 11:01 pm

    WOW just what I was searching for. Came here by searching for music

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