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Poverty to be eliminated by 2030

The pledge by world leaders to end poverty by 2030 is one of the good news stories of the latter half of 2015. The new UN agenda includes 17 Sustainable Development Goals and 169 targets which apply to both developing and developed countries. Although the United Nations has set out an ambitious list of goals, its plan will […]

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Wordsmith leaves legacy of years of wisdom

Farewell  to former The Advertiser What’s Your Problem editor, Barbara Vivienne Ross, who died on October 18 in Adelaide, aged 82. Barbara was Adelaide’s local Dorothy Dix with all the answers to myriad questions presented to the What’s Your Problem column, which she edited for more than 20 years.  When she retired in 1989, she […]

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Pretty Pink makes perfect pad for Gurley Brown

The plush pink pad of renowned Cosmopolitan magazine editor, Helen Gurley Brown, who died three years ago, is up for grabs in New York. The American author, editor and businesswoman,  who was 90 when she died in August 2012, had a fetish for pink. And she lavishly splashed 50 shades of pretty pink all over […]

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Trusty Xmas treat for time-poor ladies

We women have always been great at multi-tasking, so it seemed natural that at the end of a consultation, my local GP, Dr Helen Roxburgh, flashed her iphone to show a quick Christmas dessert, which she whipped up recently for a family event after a heavy day at the surgery. The base of this delicious treat is […]

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Boomers’ unlikely to enjoy long Bucket List

If there is one thing which will keep ageing Baby Bpomers in the work force is the realisation that their long “bucket list’’ of activities for retirement will be unachievable. According to new research released recently by Rest Superannuation Fund, of 1000 people surveyed, less than  one third believed they would  be able to fulfil  […]

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Birthing, Bonding & Back-to-work for mums

One thing that fascinates me about the current feisty debate around  Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s “signature” Paid Parental Leave proposed policy is that women, themselves, are not hailing this initiative as the best thing since sliced bread.  The hoo haa from men was always expected, because the vast majority simply continue to go off to […]

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