Regular exercise can slash breast cancer risk

Hit the pavement running ladies, or hire that exercise bike to stave off breast cancer.

According to a French study of postmenopausal women, regular recreational physical activity seems to have a rapid impact on breast cancer risk in women over 50.

The research from the Institut Gustav Roussy in Villejuif involved data from 59,308 women enrolled in an ongoing European investigation into links between cancer and nutrition.

However, the striking result was that 30 minutes of walking a day can reduce the chances of breasts cancer in women over 50.

Researcher, Agnes Fournier said older women who exercise can slash 20 per cent of their risk of developing breast cancer.

“We found that recreational physical activity, even of modest intensity, seemed to have a rapid impact on breasts cancer risk,’’ she said.

However, the team in France warned that the reduced risk only applied to women who had undertaken exercise in the last four years. Exercising when younger, or more than four years earlier, does not have the same impact it reported.

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