Xmas Pudding and Trifle terrific treats

Is there anything as sweet and alluring to the eye than Christmas Day desserts?  Ours were a delicious trifle which was a treat for the eye as well as the taste buds and a home-made Christmas pudding with an aroma to capture the spirit of the season. Yet I cannot take credit for either and admit I have never made either.  I am not a dessert cook, although I have mastered scones.

However, the grand desserts of my daughter-in-law Vanessa and her  country-bred mother, Sandra Herbig have inspired me to buy a book by Michael McCamley entitled Gluten Free Baking.  Until that moment when I have mastered a dessert, Sandra and Vanessa have agreed to share their recipes with you.

The meats ready for serving

Delicious Xmas spread



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