Food a Focus in Anti-cancer “synergy”.

The fight against cancer starts in the kitchen according to anticancer guru David Serwan-Schreiber.  “Food is something we give our body three times a day. Everything we eat has a profound impact on our physiology. He tells us to pay attention to what we eat. “I bring in chemicals in my food which fights cancer,” he says.

He notes that red meat is to be avoided. The Anti-cancer Foods World Cancer Research Fund statesthat the goal should be no more than 11 ouncxes of red meat a week, but  in US people consume 11 ouncesrd of red meat a day. Red meat, he reckons, is more expensive than legumes which act as  anti-cancer agents and by adjusting our diet towards a heavier intake of vegetables it allows people to reduce our intake of animal products.

He advocates turmeric, cabbage, broccoli, raspberries and b lueberries to build an anti-cancer biology.

Broccoli, organic or not is the best vegetable to feed your body.

However, exercise also is important part of a routine and he advocates 30 minutes six times a week.

He advocates a “synergy” of lifestyle changes including exercises, decreased exposure to toxins and increasing exposure to sunlight. We should drink plenty of anti-oxidant green tea, too.

Then there is the emotional health of a person. “This is is psychology with which we face our journey and this is also important. Each one of us who has the opportunity to find someone who nurtures you ….is so important.”

That said, he also recommends spending a little bit of time by ourselves for ourselves every day.

“Focus on what it is like to be alive everyday.”

(I am writing this today to psyche myself up because my daughter and my threeprecious  grand-children, aged 10, 8 and 5 have returned to Brisbane and I am indeed left to my own devices to help me feel fully alive and able to cope with the aloneness of my life without Olivier. Hence I share those little tools from time to time on my Life & Style By Nadine Williams Facebook page where I photograph the things which bring me snippets of pleasure- friends, family, flowers, food.) That’s my own “synergy” for surviving grief.



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