Frolic around France

Myriad things trigger Francophilia fever in July, not the least being celebrations of France’s national day Bastille Day on July 14.  Coverage of the Tour de France provides a nightly nostalgia trip and countless Francophila gift shops mean we can drool over myriad clocks, cards, books, glassware and even doormats.

All these things flood my mind’s eye with memories of my times in France.

I smell the scent of the pines in Provence, I see countless vineyards, all neatly clipped, crucifixes galore, lavender fields in purple pom-pom rows and I drive by  patisseries with crowds lined up out the door, I pass boulangeries under striped canvas awnings in every village and I stop for any colourful market along the route.

But my favourite activite is sitting sipping coffee au café simply to people watch from la terrace.

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