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Keep Calm and Carry ON in KI

It is a delightful, calm Friday evening on the ferry to Kangaroo Island and we are laden up for a holiday from heaven with adult children and adorable grand-daughter Scarlett, a nine month old bundle of joy. Our destination is American River where we will stay in a holiday house which has not been visited […]

Wonderful Wildlife, Wine and Art on KI

People flock to Kangaroo Island to see the wildlife and landscape, but it only when you stop to meet the locals, that their stories reveal its human face and how 10 per cent of the population are artisans. We come each year to the island to watch birds and sunsets, try local wines, eat marron […]

KI pelicans perform sky show

Who would expect one of the most spectacular wildlife experiences on Kangaroo Island to happen while sipping early-morning tea at an unlikely place – on the veranda of American River’s general store. Amazingly, straight ahead of us four magnificent pelicans glide into view, circling and swooping over the sparkling blue waters of Eastern Cove.  They […]

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