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Time for a Miracle

Those words of wisdom by Regina Brent when she turned 90, currently on the Internet are  comforting as I mull over the worsening situation with husband Olivier’s cancer. He is in hospital once again, this time with abdominal pain and we wait with trepidation for the results of more blood tests and xrays taken today […]

November Heralds Dramatic News

Three months absent from my website signifies some dramatic events in our lives.  That short space of time, though, has ensured that things for husband Olivier and myself are going to be vastly different from how we imagined our retirement life together would be. There’s a good reason for the adage that moving is as […]

The Cancer odds of 1 in 2 hits our home

Life has dumped a heap of dirt on us again with Olivier spending another 10 days in hospital with unmanageable pain.  The hormone treatment has failed to hold his advanced prostate cancer, which has now moved into his bone marrow and blood. It is a terrifying time as his oncologist delivers this grave news on […]

The Art of Living Fearlessly

Happenstance is an intangible thing. However, I find our mantra for living well with cancer in the most unlikely of places – The Cullen Hotel room where a colourful card had been left as a  welcome message. Typically, on the outside is a signature sketch by Adam Cullen of his dog, Growler and inside is […]