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November Heralds Dramatic News

Three months absent from my website signifies some dramatic events in our lives.  That short space of time, though, has ensured that things for husband Olivier and myself are going to be vastly different from how we imagined our retirement life together would be. There’s a good reason for the adage that moving is as […]

Moving Home

Packing boxes are scattered around our island home once more as we begin to pull up roots after living on Hindmarsh Island for a year. It has been such an exciting sojourn living the sea-change leisure lifestyle on the River Murray, so close to the laconic historic River Port of Goolwa. But like migratory birds […]

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Moving- a mountain of a task

Was it John Lennon who once wrote “life is what happens when you are busy making other plans’’.  We have lived this songline for the last few months as our carefully laid plans to uproot our lives, move house, demolish and begin to rebuild, have gone astray through unforeseen circumstances. I am sitting here reflecting […]

Birdlife sets peaceful pace on Hindmarsh Island

It is deepest winter on Hindmarsh Island, but the prolific water birds, are unconcerned this chilly August morning. The swans are preening themselves, a lone pelican floats along the river, a heron silently observes and a flock of pristine white Ibis feed among the reeds. I have strolled from Arcadia Avenue where my friends have […]