A fruitful way

There are myriad ways to bring pleasure into our lives and it helps to know that spontaneity is one element of longevity.

So, when husband Olivier suddenly suggested we take a different road home to Goolwa on the Fleurieu Peninsula, I turned right and took the unfamiliar Flagstaff Hill Road to Middleton for the first time.

This is despite the fact that we have driven past the turn-off countless times in the six months we have lived at Goolwa, always sticking to the same straight route to Goolwa from Mt Compass.

We did not know what discoveries were in store on this new road until we drove past an array of crab-apple trees on either side of the road, all laden with fruits.

The verge was a red sea of fallen berries and the thought of an innovative floral arrangement flashed into both our minds. We stopped, grabbed our clippers and like children who have discovered a forbidden apple tree, we clipped boughs of the petite red berries.

Then we strip other branches of their fruit, filling a plastic bag.

Once we were home, we indulged in pleasurable activities with our bounty.  Olivier made a vodka syrup and bottled the fruit, stewing left-overs some for dinner.  And I enjoyed arranging the boughs in my vase, setting it upon the pedestal.

Here is the floral arrangement for you to enjoy, too.

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