The Essence of Personal Style

How hard it is to define one’s personal style, yet British author, Kirsty Gunn in her best-selling book 44 Things: A Year of Life at Home captures her step-mother, Irene so beautifully in the following vibrant extract.

“The woman who talks long into the nights and days, apartment and her flowers shining out around her, scarves and silvery earrings, hands that make their patterns in the air, her dancer’s gestures there, all elegance and light and grace, and everywhere she touches…Beauty.

Who’s some slim years beyond me and is who I need to see as proof that gorgeousness goes on and on and on…

….It’s you Irene. The gift, the smile, the word, the light, the tulip in the vase…’’

The author’s words too, are light and lively as she portrays Irene’s style further as “a woman stepped clear out of air and full of music, painting, and New York…’’

Published by Atlantic Books, London, 44 Things by Kirsty Gunn was first published in 2006 and celebrates the author’s home and family with a treasury of short stories, essays, poems and letters.

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