A-List Lunch aids Cancer Research

The prestigious South Australian Women of the Year lunch at Ayers House today had an emotional element when cancer researcher Dr Michelle Lee received a $4000 cheque to continue her research into bone cancer.  She will leave soon to spend time in Hong Kong to study holistic treatment methods for the painful life-limiting cancer.  The event was held at Henry’s Brasserie within the historic Ayers House and among the many eminent women who attended were the  Honorable Jing Lee, MLC, and  renowned philanthropists Pamela Wall and Maria Kenda.  Also among the eminent cross-section of Adelaide’s well-known women were Audrey Stern, Claudine Butterworth, Kali Hunter and Annette Wyllie-Smith.  An elegant, pregnant fashion designer Liza  Emanuel told her story of rising to fashion fame in a question and answer presentation conducted by SAWOY president, Port Adelaide Enfield councillor  Carol Martin.   (Husband Olivier has bone cancer.)



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