Hollande’s private life pales his presidency

Segolene Royal, ex long-time partner of French president Francois Hollande

Segolene Royal, ex long-time partner of French president Francois Hollande

There’s always something happening with ‘sex’ and the French!

And presently, French president, Francois Hollande is the star act. He continues to court emotional and political disaster because of his sex life – or should I say lack of it of late.

In France, the Prime Minister, Manuel Valls has the power to install whomever he wishes in his Ministry and they do not need to be parliamentarians of his own ilk, or even voted into parliament.

However, it is ironic that in the huge shakeup of the French Government, who should benefit from the fray, but none other than powerful French politician, Segolene Royal, who for almost a quarter of a century was the defacto wife of French president, Francois Hollande – and the mother of his four children!

Now she has been installed as the new “Ministère de l’Ecologie” in the government of her former common law husband Francois.

So, whilst her arch rivale Valery Trierweiler, stole Hollande from Segolene’s bed chamber at the very time she was standing for president of France, the worm has turned. Trierweiler has been ushered out of the Elysses Palace by the president in a very public breakup, and, it seems Segolene is now back in favour, politically at least.

For many years, Hollande and Royal were the socialist power couple of France and it was surely a cruel trick of fate that Segolene should lose the French election to Sarkozy and that her estranged partner, Francois Hollande should win the coveted presidency five years later.

Meanwhile, the hot love affair between Hollande and French actress/comedienne Julie Gayet has also soured with news from France that the high profile actress has not been able to cope with the pressure of being the president’s pet and has been worried about the affair’s impact on her career. So, she called it all off.

French actress, Julie Gayet

French actress, Julie Gayet

Ah, but this is not the end, it seems. According to Closer magazine, the same French mag which sprang Hollande’s night time trysts with Gayet, now announces that Hollande has begun seeing Trierweiler again dining with her in a restaurant for all to see.

One can only hope that he is more decisive over his policies than he seems to be in his private life.




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  1. By Dominique BIEVRE, 11/05/2014 @ 5:39 am

    There is no possible hope with him, messy business surrounds him for all things he does whether private or public. He has only been president for two years and it seems like forever…..

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