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Before the hail of praise on Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie fades following her shocking revelation of a double mastectomy and breast reconstruction, it’s important to note a few frank facts. Gorgeous Angelina, who oozed sensuality in that Oscars high split black velvet dress, learnt that she had the “faulty’’ BRCA1 gene at age 37. The […]

Frilly flower symbolises hope for cancer cure

They  have elegant fluted blooms and are known for their vibrant yellow colour, although daffodils come in many shapes and shades of yellow and cream. I am thinking, though, of Daffodil Day and how it focuses our thoughts on cancer and our universal hope for a cure.  Cancer is indeed the scourge of contemporary society […]

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Ex-model, Faye gives BC hope

  My journey down the path of breast cancer began with the discover of a cyst in my left breast in 2001. This lump bothered me because I had been on hormone replacement theraphy for 11 years plus a stressful divorce so  I requested a repeat mammogram from my doctor even though I was not […]

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