Candles in cathedrals lit for Olivier


Rob lights a candle in Brittany

Our life-long friends, Rob and Chris Nicholls had a wonderful lunch (with French wine) with Olivier and myself at our Belair home when they visited from Queensland on Sunday 6th May (see photo). We talked about their upcoming visit to France in June and Olivier showed them his books and maps of our own visits to France and in particular in Brittany where he lived in La Baule.  Olivier had bravely voted in the French Presidential elections and became tired. However, Olivier had that sparkle in his eye when telling them about Brittany and they promised to visit Vannes, which had been very special for us in 2005 and they light a candle in the cathedral there.  Here Rob recalls how he and Chris visited cathedrals along their travels and lit candles for Olivier.


“We were saddened to learn that Olivier passed away a few short days after we visited him and Chris and I determined to light a candle in a cathedral while in Brittany for Olivier– and Nadine.

On Friday 1st June we lit the first candle for Olivier Foubert in the historic Brittany town of Vannes as we had promised – in the Cathedrale Saint-Pierre (St Peter Cathedral). Vannes is a wonderful old city with many wooden buildings reminding us of “The Shambles” in York England–the definite British influence in Brittany. The walled town is in excellent example of a medieval town. Harbour side is a wonderful marina of yachts and motor craft which are only 1.6Ks to the Gulf of Morbihan. The waterway goes right up to the old main gate entrance to the town ( Porte Saint Vincent-Ferrier). Around this area is a gourmet selection of great restaurants, cafes and people watching outside seating. We know Olivier and Nadine shared a wonderful meal and time here in Vannes–a must visit in Brittany and France.

Chris remembers Olivier in Brittany

Our candle lighting and prayers in Vannes and Dinan (both Brittany) and St David’s Cathedral in Wales for Olivier, a fine French-Australian man and a gentleman, and for Nadine was a special time for us. Rest in Peace Olivier–God bless Nadine.”

Their note brought vivid memories of the night Olivier and I  dined at a two-star Michelin restaurant on the harbour-side of the marina right in the heart of Vannes. Afterwards, we, too, drove 1.6Ks to the Gulf of Morbihan where we stayed in a delightful boutique hotel dedicated to the French artist Paul Gaugin.




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