God Bless Lilly-Grace

June 23, the date Olivier would have turned 75 was always going to be difficult to endure. And, yes, there were tears, but there was also joy in the family celebration of the Naming Day of my grand-niece (Am I really old enough?) Lilly-Grace, daughter of my niece Katie and her husband Josh.   Lilly-Grace is a tiny little babe with special needs  who behaved herself impeccably in church except when she had the microphone thrust in her face when in baby lingo she gurgled disapproval!

Afterwards at Hogs Breath Lilly-Grace never cried or complained and why should she – so well fed, so well loved and so pampered as everyone wanted to hold this sweet little girl.   May God bless you Lilly-Grace the way he has blessed you with exceptional loving parents – and grandparents, aunties, uncles and great-aunts as well as five cousins!

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