Our Christmas celebrations are an expression of our family tradition, our love of food and our faith and I hope you enjoy these photographs which capture special moments.  This year, for the first time, our father, Frank was too frail to attend the big family party, so we took my son’s family, here from Melbourne, to dad’s residential facility to meet his great grandson, eight-month-old Zachary for the first time. Dad is blind and virtually deaf and it was a poignant meeting because dad has deteriorated in the past year. However, the first of our collection of photographs reflects that moment when the very old meeting the very new member of dad’s lineage – all four generations.

The other photograph, which captures how blessed we are as a family is of the young mothers – cousins and cousins-in-law with their children and babies.  My daughter-in-law Vanessa is the only mother with two children and she is joined by my niece-in-law Rhianna Otto with Theo and nieces Sonya Micelli with Luca and Katie Reynolds with Lilly. Their happiness of these second cousins does not hide the sadness we all feel for my niece, Chelsea, who lost her first baby, Hayden, who was stillborn two months ago.   A few of the lovely  nest generation of our family are absent. Katie’s sister, Aimee, who lives interstate and my two daughters, Serena and Felicia, who live interstate did not come to Adelaide this year either.  Serena’s three children, Samuel, Angus and Josephine, add up to eight second cousins.  Already in 2015, we can look forward to at least two more babies as Rhianna and Katie are both pregnant.


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