Family, friends help turn a new page

Hello everyone.  June heralds half a year already and time to send out my writings for the last few months.

I have so much for you to read on, you are sure to find something of interest. Grandparents will love “When a Grandchild is Born’’, and those who want to laugh should look up “Keep Calm and Carry On in KI’’,  and Boomers who are still caring for frail, aging parents will empathise with ‘’Father Frank Finally Returns Home’’.

As I promised my late husband, Olivier, my new life of widowhood will include women’s friendships and getting back to writing and there is heaps of it in Ooh la la to Lovely Adelaide, In The Company of Women, Brave Angelina, and Iron Lady’s Legacy Lives On.

This note to you is important to me because I passed the first anniversary of Olivier’s death on May 11 and I have written about those terrible 12 months in May Maketh Days of Diamonds and
Some of Stone. The good news is a page has been turned as you will read in My Journal.

I am also tracking the progress of my garden for Olivier and as always, there are some wonderful floral arrangements in Life and Style by Nadine Williams – this time they are professional arrangements, not only my humble home efforts.

Kind regards and if you like my writing please forward the link on to all your friends.

Nadine Williams-Foubert

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