My new grand-daughter

My new grand-daughter

Joyful news at last!  On July 26, a new grand-daughter was born to great excitement and I share this amazing family event in two articles – Sweet Scarlett Sweeps Sadness Aside and an emotional piece Grief, Joy – a Strange Emotional Mix.   I am now one year older and my own “Joyeux Anniversaire’’ triggered yet another cauldron of emotions captured in Big Family, Birthday Fun.  A dozen bare-rooted rose cuttings arrived in the mail and herald the beginning of Olivier’s Memorial Garden. In Roses to Bring Magic to Memorial Garden, I write about “colouring in’’ our garden, the bones of which we established together in the last six months of Olivier’s life.

Travellers’ Tales features the jottings of friends on Brittany,  Germany and Sweden and very soon there will be photographs attached!!   (I am a slow learner when it comes to posting photographs on my web, so Dyanna is here to help.) And keep an eye on Life and Style by Nadine Williams for snippets of news and pix.


One last thought, today – August 11 – marks three months since husband Olivier died. I am beginning to understand that grief is the price you must pay by living and loving someone who is pivotal to one’s happiness. However, what is helping me heal is a new awareness that my life is filled with beautiful people who, each in their own way, have swept me into their caring arms (involving me in their lives) creating pleasant experiences. Such as today when friends staved off a sad, lonely day by preparing a delightful home-made lunch washed down with a bottle of Jenneret Riesling from the Clare Valley.  Olivier and I sampled the wine during Vintage and bought a few bottles, so the memory of our holiday in the Clare Valley in February kept him in my heart today as we shared a meal.


Meanwhile, one last word of wisdom from the great Latin American writer Gabriel Garcia Marquez, who is retiring from public life due to serious illness – “If I would know that these would be the last minutes that I will see you, I would say to you “I love You ‘ and wouldn’t assume that you would know it.’’  On this day, I remember these were exactly the words I said to Olivier, a moment before he died.



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