Police attend Joan’s protest

On and off-camera behaviour of zany comedian Joan Rivers invariably borders on the ridiculous, but news that she handcuffed herself to a shopping trolley sets new heights.

A snippet of news from the United States reports that Joan was outraged when she discovered that a Costco store in a Los Angeles suburb refused to sell her latest book, I Hate Everything … Starting With Me.  And she protested in a highly visible way by handcuffing herself to one of their shopping trolleys.

The 79-year-old Fashion Police host could well have also been aware of the publicity possibilities because she was being filmed by a camera crew as she made her point in the store in Burbank,  California.

Of course, Police were called in by the store. Don’t you love the way Joanie has created her own “news’’ thereby jacking up her chances of a best-seller.  (And I loved the fab headline in The Advertiser.)


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