“Flamby’s Angels” or “Hell’s Angels”

French president Francois Hollande and his women.

French president Francois Hollande and his women.

Here is a gem of a photograph from France which reflects the sexual politics of the moment. However, has anyone ever seen French president Francois Hollande smile? Must be heavily photoshopped because he is not a smiley fellow. He must have something mysterious though to trigger such a bitter war of words for his affections between his former common-law wife of 25 years,  Segoline Royale and mistress of the moment (oops “concubine” as the French media describes her) Valerie Trierweiler.  Rumour has it that Trierweiler smashed an 18th century clock in that scene in the Elysees Palace when he told her their relationship was over.   I am wondering if it was one of the gorgeous mantelpiece clocks my friend Jane and I saw on our recent tour of Elysees Palace to celebrate Patrimione Day last September.  No wonder Trierweiler threw such a paddy. The palace is glorious in its opulence and gracious style. She lived on the second floor which was not open to the public. However, we did walk goggle-eyed through Hollandes presidential “bureau”.  Someone should write a script about thegoings on in the Palace because Trierweiler moved right in with five staff – and in yet another unsubstantiated rumour, Hollande’s personal staff did not see eye to eye with Trierweiler’s staff. Now to the immense relief of many, she has moved right out.

Now France no longer has a “Premier Femme”, a title for Trierweiler which the French public never liked, and now since the divulsion, Hollande  has declared he will live as the first “bachelor” in the Elysses Palace.

However, bets are on that his latest love interest will remain in his life if somewhat more discreetly. (Also deliciously ironic is the news that Hollande’s own adult son introduced his father to the delightful comedienne/actress, Julie Geyet.



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