50 Shades of Drivel

Forget about reading those popular movie reviewers: Here is the first reaction (review) to the film “50 Shades of Grey”, by my astute, wise friend, renowned Adelaide divorce lawyer, Diane Myers.

“Dear nadine

The movie was dreadful

I yawned through most of it

Just a bit of tantalising and bondage

The actors looked gorgeous as did the sets, but the script was mostly drivel – four word sentences

And no plot – an insult to the audience really

Handsome rich boy dominator meets university student, virgin, and invites her to contract herself to him for emotionless sex

He has one angry session whipping her bum she cries and they go their separate ways

Waste of time and money

And the cost of the car park was  $18!”

Her few critical  words prove that relationships need much more than juicy sex to be rich and meaningful to both parties. What concerns me, as a former women’s issues editor, is that popular culture is such a powerful medium to impressionable young women. But I must watch the film before I comment further.




Delicious dose of French culture d’Adelaide

Sue Crafter speaks perfect  French

Sue Crafter speaks perfect

After the dramatic gathering of the French community to show their “Je Suis Charlie” solidarity, it was time to have French fun once more for French speakers, students and Francophones alike over the past weekend.

Alliance Francaise held an Open Afternoon with wines and crepes to herald the new academic year at its Young Street premises on Friday. Teachers, students and supporters enjoyed the delightful ambiance under umbrellas.

Meanwhile, L’Agence Consulaire de France d’Adelaide under the patronage of honorary French Consul, Sue Crafter, celebrated Galette des Rois  at the Trinity Baptist Church, Colonel Light Gardens on Sunday, February 1.Helpers serve Galette des Rois

After last year’s vague de chaleur (heatwave of over 40 degrees), Sunday was a cool 22 degrees, ensuring a big crowd of French people at the church’s community hall.  Sue Crafter gave a warm welcome in perfect French and thanked everyone – including about 40 children – for attending the event.  A real coffee machine and a lineup of plenty of plates of the specially prepared Galette des Rois ensured guests had a “taste” of an important traditional French celebration.





Marie’s art on Danish Royals’ chocolate box

Marie's stunning artwork on the Danish chocolate boxHallett Cove naïve artist Marie Jonsson Harrison has pulled off an international artistic coup, with her  artwork printed on the prestigious limited edition series for SV  Michelsen Chocolate-box in Denmark.

The leading chocolatier visited an exhibition of Marie’s work in Denmark last year and promptly commissioned her to create the lid of the chocolate tin for 2015 with a Danish flavour.

She is the first person outside of Denmark to be commissioned to design the tin, which the Danish queen, Margrethe II, collects each year.

“It is a wonderful honour,’’ said Marie.

“The chocolate boxes are all numbered and Number one goes to the Royal Family, number 2 goes to the Michelsen family and Number 3 goes to me, the artist.

“I have had quite a few exhibitions in Denmark last year and I was lucky that SV Michelsen came to the opening of an exhibition and he liked one of my artworks.’’

Marie’s artwork features Copenhagen tourist highlights and also Prince Frederik and Princess Mary,

the Australian who won his heart at the 2000 Olympics.