Depardeau flees France

France’s favourite actor son, Gerard Depardeau has caused an outcry by renouncing his Frenchness and handing in his French passport because he is incensed at the socialist Hollande French Government implementing a 75 per cent wealth tax.

And he isn’t the only one.  Depardeau, who has many business interests in France besides his popularity on screen, has been joined by countless other French people keen to retain their earnings.

In one prestigious apartment block in Paris, an average of two families a week are moving out.

Depardeau has moved to a small Belgian village just inside the border but many others are moving to Switzerland.

He snet a letter – published in the weekly Le Journal du Dimanche – chastised his country’s Socialist prime minister, Francois Hollande  for insulting remarks over his decision to move to tax-friendly Belgium.

The letter propelled him into the spotlight for raising the sensitive issue of tax exiles as France looks to fill state coffers with a stiff tax on the rich.

“We no longer have the same country. I’m a true European, a citizen of the world,” Depardieu wrote in the letter. He said his 2012 tax bill — 85 percent of his revenue — is fully paid.

The exodus follows France losing its precious triple A rating to slide to double A.

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