Security skipped in scramble to leave Paris

Dominique on his last visit to Australia 2013.

Dominique on his last visit to Australia 2013.

My dear French friend, Dominique Bievre, who lives in Valance, France recently visited Paris and then got caught in the crippling SNCF rail transport strike.  As soon as he arrived home, he sent this gem of an email, which sums up French society in a manner which only a native-born French person could.

“I manage to get home OK in a train in which you couldn’t fit another sole! I wonder where were gone strict security rules of SNCF…… We are definitely living in a world of bullshit.

I tried to anticipate the problem and went yesterday night to Gare Montparnasse (not too far from my hotel) in order to change my ticket for another train, I queued for one hour and got the ticket for a seat next morning. This morning arriving at Gare de Lyon I was unable to find my train that was not running…shit…. So I waited for the next one and hop on without any reservation, half of the train was in the same situation and despite our frustration being seated on the stairs we had good laughs and I reached Valence at 14H30.

For the record SNCF unions went on strike when SNCF and VFDF (the rail tracks) were separated a few years ago, they are on strike today because they do not want to be re-united…bloody French, never happy with whatever.”



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