Tourists find Katmandu in recovery mode

My Sydney friend has taken her first post-retirement trip to Nepal to do her bit to boost the tourist industry in that impoverished country,which has suffered from   massive earthquakes in May and June this year killing more than 8600 people and destroying more than 500,000 homes.  Here is her first report.

“Well, we are here in Katmandu.   I think it’s one of the
poorest countries in the world and it appears to me that the country has been brought to its knees by the earthquakes. There is dirt and dust and mess (from the earthquake damage) everywhere. No proper footpaths makes it difficult and there
are electricity wires on the ground (not live)
that you step over all the time, which compound the problem moving around easily.  In contrast, we are staying in a palace for the first three
nights. My friend Caroline is an intrepid travelling companion and  she enjoys
everything with gusto. We will be trekking in three days time.  Had a
fabulous thali dinner for $3.50 last night – beautiful food.  The people
here are lovely but you can see that life is tough.  Even in the midst of such chaos, I know it’s such a great
experience to travel here. xxx Jane

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