I’m in love with Paris says Helen Orr

My husband and I seem to end up in Paris for a week or so each year.  We don’t waver from our decision to see a new country each year (Turkey last year, Egypt this year) but convince ourselves that it is convenient to stop off in Paris on the way there or back.  The beauty of the city never ceases to amaze and the store window decorations such as this lovely clothing shop at 229 rue ST. HONORÉ are an inspiration for my design work.   

 The Marais is our favourite area.  Even though some of the older more bizarre shops have now become trendy boutiques, it is still a wonderful area to wander, and to eat.  Rue de Rosiers and adjacent streets are still wonderful, and where else can  you can  get your morning croissant straight out of the oven with an espresso for E1.95?    A few streets away at 50, rue des Archives, is Les Perles de Tout a Loisirs – a must for those interesting in jewellery and beading.  It is the most gorgeous old shop featuring ancient wooden display cabinets and every type of bead imaginable, from semi-precious stones to Perspex and plastics.   Unlike many of the enticing specialist bead, bag, scarf and accessory shops along rue des Temple which only sell wholesale, Les Perles welcomes visitors. 

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  1. By Jack L, 17/06/2010 @ 7:43 am

    I’m so tired of hearing the stories – I vow one day to experience this wondferful city.

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