Powerful Message of Peace Within

It was eerie déjà vu and I could hardly believe the words my friend was uttering at the end of the telephone.

She was describing a painting she had bought many years ago of a magnificent horse standing on the top of a hill and underneath were the words “Be Still And Know That I Am God.’’

“I had been very ill in hospital and had been discharged when I bought the painting,’’ she recalled.

“But it is the words which are indelibly etched in my mind, more so than the image. They were the ideal words I needed at that time to cope,’’ she added.

And I gasped at her words because today is the second time in my life I have been told these words and I know they tell me how I must conduct my difficult life right now.

It is a text from the Bible and even after its profound impact on my wellbeing, I cannot quote the book, chapter and verse where it is written. However, now it triggers a powerful flashback and I can once more see myself sitting in a church pew with my adult children about eight months after my mother had died. It was about 15 years ago. Suddenly, the voice of the pastor faded and I heard my mother’s distinctive voice call to me “Nadine,’’ she said. “Why do you worry so much? You must remember God’s words – Be Still and Know That I Am God’’.

Only a mother, now in a spiritual state, would have had the wisdom those years ago to see that her daughter’s life was spinning out of control with busyness and stress. And that these words were the most apt to guide me back to a stable state of mind.  At that time, my daughter, who was sitting two seats up from me, sensed something had happened and leant forward in front of my son, looking at me strangely. It was a sudden move which broke the trance I seemed to be in. Then once more, in an instant, I was simply sitting on the wooden pew and my mother’s presence was gone. Nor has she ever returned to me.

Until today, when my friend Vanessa, unbeknown to her, brought the same message at a time when I am once more in a similar highly stressed state. Lost, bewildered, confused, fearful, vulnerable. All these words describe how I feel today grappling with emotional turmoil.  Of course, this wise guidance, once more, is from my mother, from beyond the grave, using another human being to impart her message.  “Be Still and Know That I Am God’’. Whyever did I forget it? Once more it is imprinted on my mind.




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