Flowers at the Intercontinental Hotel

Ever wondered who is the talented florist creating the beautiful floral arrangements
at the InterContinental Hotel, formerly the Hyatt Regency on North Terrace, Adelaide. Her name is Kerryn McLeod, floral design manager and she is busily arranging the hotel’s foyer masterpiece with her assistant Mandy Verity when I arrive for my French lesson this week. (French teacher, Elsa Rozannes and I have afternoon tea once a week at the stylish
hotel which only seems to become more gracious with age.)

“I have been working at the Hyatt for the last 20 years, permanently here for the past 15 years and Mandy has been here for just over a year,’’ says Kerryn, as she continues to work on her floral artpiece. She explains that the fanlike  base of the striking tall arrangement is Byfield fern, while Singapore Orchids form the pretty skirt.  Malacca Balm is the light green foliage   thrusting up in the centre and  Hanging Heliconius (similar to Strelitzia) and Monsteria leaves complete an exquisite display.

“We are also responsible for the floral art in the Riverside Café, for all the functions, our weddings and in the guests rooms,’’ says Kerryn. “It’s a full-time job for both of us.’’

Thankyou to the InterContinental hotel management for maintaining the gorgeous statement of  floral style introduced by the Hyatt Regency so many years ago.  Congratulations Kerryn (right) for your magnificent floral art over all those years.




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