Hello Faithful Friends

Another four months have slipped by since I wrote you a note, but our life is a little like a ship rolling in high seas  – one is on the verge of seasickness all the time and it’s a daily problem to stay steady on one’s feet.  Ours is now a home hospice and I write of this challenge in My Journal. Yet, life also continues to present lovely surprises like the lemon cakes and eight dozen biscuits best friend Jenny has made for the conveyor belt of friends, family, nurses, doctors and carers, passing through our home. That French connection is a wonderful bonus, too, when two of our friends –a former French restaurateur and a head cook for one of Adelaide’s prestigious girls’ schools – brought delicious dinners for us to enjoy – on the same day within an hour of each other. It lightens my life as a carer.

My  Absolutely French blog on www.nadinewilliams.com.au has my reviews from the French Film Festival and a snippet on the French presidential elections. There are recipes too on My French Kitchen and some hilarity about our petit chien, Oscar. He certainly is the symbol of the art of living fearlessly in the shadow of life-limiting cancer.


This month, my good friend and former Advertiser colleague, Samela Harris has kindly allowed us, courtesy of The Advertiser, to share an article she wrote on Professor Ian Maddocks, who has indeed been “a living angel’’ in our life as Olivier’s palliative care expert.   There are also a few snippets in Celeb s and Culture and some positive health news for women in women’s lives.

Once more I ask anyone with an interesting story, particularly travel yarns to tell, I would love to publish them (edited perhaps) and thus keep the web relevant when I have so little time.

In Life and Style by Nadine Williams you will enjoy superb photographs of our weekend in Clare and how glad we are that we travelled there for vintage.


Kind regards, Nadine.


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