Footy culture flavours family life

Angus at footy practice

Angus at footy practice

AFL football has gained new-found interest in my life since my team – Port Power – reached top of the AFL championship ladder and this elation has been a great conversation booster over the past few months. Allegiance to a footy team adds colour to family life, too and I notice on my grandson Zachary’s baptism invitation that this bare-chested  little fellow  – at two and a half months old – is wearing only his Port Power beanie!  It seems my son Tyson has won the right for his son to wear his footy team’s colors, because Zachary’s mum, Vanessa, is a staunch Crows supporter.

Meanwhile, grandsons Samuel and Angus, who live in Brisbane are supporters of the Western Bulldogs and were joined up by their dad, Jon, within weeks of being born.  Which is interesting because now they live in Brisbane and Angus is shining as a potential star in his  junior footy team, Cooperoo, which is  sponsored by the Brisbane Lions. The lions provides top coaches, prizes and incentives.  Angus is only 10 years old, but was best “man” of the match last week.  My grandson, who wears Brisbane Lions’ logo on his footy top, is still wearing his red mouth guard after winning a match.

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  1. By Jill P., 07/09/2014 @ 2:01 pm

    Cher Nadine, how on earth did the terribly uncultured Port Power make it into the “culture” section of your website?

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