Are We Any Different? by Cheryl Bridgart

Nadine with Cheryl

Popular textile artist Cheryl Bridgart is delighted at the success of her present exhibition, Are We Any Different?  at the Adelaide Zoo’s exhibition space.

As always, Cheryl presents her artworks with great style and the Zoo is the idea space for her mix of paintings and embroidery which depict the relationship between animals and humans in  vibrant fashion.

Opening night was a wonderful statement  of her talents exhibited in  the ideal venue at the new exhibition centre at the gates of the Zoo.

The space was packed and she sold 29 paintings of the 45 on display on the night.  Cheryl  spent 12 months sketching the animals at the Zoo and Monarto and then used acrylic paint on linen for the paintings, but she embroiders on paper which she has washed beforehand.  “It takes hundreds of hours to have the stitching create the artwork,’’ she says.

Cheryl  is known  internationally for her fine art freestone machine embroidery where she creates portraits and fant

some of Cheryl's "chefs d'oeuvres"

asy pieces, animals and landscapes.

In a recent accolade, the Zoo has extended the term of the exhibition until January 31.

“I wanted to capture that blend of human and animal connection and on opening night many people told me the art brings back childhood

memories of visits to the Zoo,’she says. “ Everyone had their stories and everyone had a favourite animal.’’

Her home/studio is the restored historic Pikes former horse stables in Carrington Street – also an exotic exhibition space where she displays her works.

“I have sold five more paintings since opening night with people telephoning to see what else I have for sale and visiting me here.’’

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  1. By Cheryl Bridgart, 25/01/2012 @ 12:58 pm

    Thanks Nadine,
    I always enjoy your stories and images. You take a great photo, so stylish in red , your colour.
    Thanks for the post, catch up again soon.

    Hoping the year of the dragon will bring its magic to your ‘new’ door,
    Warm wishes
    Cheryl x

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