50 Shades of Drivel

Forget about reading those popular movie reviewers: Here is the first reaction (review) to the film “50 Shades of Grey”, by my astute, wise friend, renowned Adelaide divorce lawyer, Diane Myers.

“Dear nadine

The movie was dreadful

I yawned through most of it

Just a bit of tantalising and bondage

The actors looked gorgeous as did the sets, but the script was mostly drivel – four word sentences

And no plot – an insult to the audience really

Handsome rich boy dominator meets university student, virgin, and invites her to contract herself to him for emotionless sex

He has one angry session whipping her bum she cries and they go their separate ways

Waste of time and money

And the cost of the car park was  $18!”

Her few critical  words prove that relationships need much more than juicy sex to be rich and meaningful to both parties. What concerns me, as a former women’s issues editor, is that popular culture is such a powerful medium to impressionable young women. But I must watch the film before I comment further.




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