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Keep Calm and Carry ON in KI

It is a delightful, calm Friday evening on the ferry to Kangaroo Island and we are laden up for a holiday from heaven with adult children and adorable grand-daughter Scarlett, a nine month old bundle of joy. Our destination is American River where we will stay in a holiday house which has not been visited […]

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I’m a cool, cute, cream-colored Citroen

It’s a good thing these builders are sociable blokes.  Not only are they doing an excellent job restoring our ‘white room’ and building a French-style fireplace for us, but they have invited me to join them for their short lunch breaks because I work from home.  During one such break, we got talking about the […]

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Lucky Locky To Russia With Know-How

  Some blokes have all the luck. Take popular yachtie vice-commodore of the Goolwa Regatta Yacht Club Locky McLaren  spend last Sunday motoring his yacht loaded with a bunch of female friends, including his wife,  my dear friend Jayne and my neighbour, dear friend Chris, three other girlfriends and myself on the River Murray from Goolwa to Clayton Bay.  As […]

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Lush landscape in memorable journey

Mad March heralds Autumn and farewells the most extraordinary summer in my memory.  It seemed at one stage the whole of New South Wales was burning in an ominous scattering of more than 100 bushfires. They followed Tasmania’s devastating bushfires and later in summer, some of  Victoria’s national parks also burned. Here in South Australia […]

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Heat, Dust, Flies – and Fun

BY JEANETTE COOMBES   Certainly, this is not my best look! No Akubra for me, but the fly net is a must at Mt Barry working on a cattle station in the far north of South Australia in January.   The weather has been kinder today. Only 37 – not yesterday’s 47! The water in […]

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Oswald floods Queensland with cyclonic rain

So much for the idyllic Sunshine State! Brisbane seems to be drowning in a cyclonic drenching and 80km winds lash relentlessly around the Queenslander house built on stilts where my daughter lives, luckily high on a hill. However, the lower suburbs and restaurants along the banks of the Brisbane River are flooded and it is […]

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