Nancy Inspired by Widowed Refugee Mum.


Nancy Nguyen, a Perth based Business Advisor for Woodside Energy, has been selected by The University of Sydney Business School and the Australian National Committee for UN Women, as the inaugural recipient of their MBA scholarship.

The scholarship and new 2014 partnership between the Australian National Committee for UN Women and The University of Sydney Business School were celebrated at a lunch attended by the Chancellor of The University of Sydney, Ms Belinda Hutchinson AM, on 1 July which was attended by 40 industry leaders, students and alumni.

Nancy says as a child she gained strength from her mother who became a widow due to the Vietnam War. She saw her single mum with two children, in spite of her vulnerabilities, find the resilience to fight for her family’s freedom and future.

“Coming from a refugee family from Vietnam, I am grateful for the opportunities that I have been able to pursue. I am part of a first generation of women in my family to be able to have a tertiary education in Australia.”

The Scholarship is open to all women from Australia and overseas.

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