French TV program triggers Ghan Deja Vu

It was so thrilling to see a dose of Australia on French television on 20 Heures, the daily news/current affairs program  which filmed a segment on The Ghan trip to Alice Springs. The program goes to air on SBS  daily at 8:40 am to 9:20am as a repeat of the night before screened in France. It was excellent. (I can make these evaluations because I was in PR 20 years before I set foot in a newspaper office where I worked for another 20 years).


The friendly lady behind the bar on the Ghan was especially “welcoming’’ and Australian in her friendliness.  Particularly spectacular were the side trips (now included in the fare) of the camel drive.

Great Southern Rail publicist Melanie Reid had organised a journalist and cameraman from Telematin (the French morning program) to go on the train earlier this month.

“But to see the story also appear on 20Heures was a big surprise,’’ she said yesterday.

For me, the program  triggered a memories when Olivier and I took The Ghan to Darwin tucked up comfortably in a  Platinum Cabin – an amazing luxury – and it is nice to be able to recall such happy moments in our marriage without tears.  (We were married just over four years when Olivier died in May last year.)  Clearly for Olivier and it was a once-only trip on a remarkable train journey across our island continent to experience its diverse landscape.


PS: Anyone interested in reading more of our journey, it is on my Travellers’ Tales blog, but back in 2010, so some stories back now.  It was for this trip that Olivier bought his excellent Nikon DX Camera with tis special lens to take photographs through glass while moving. All photographs on my website are taken with this camera.



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