Fromages for Olivier

The Cheese platter for Olivier’s birthday – presented with  quince paste:

Before we tuck into the top selection of cheeses listed below, John Herbig recalls how the Quast family, who lived in Punthari, between Cambrai and Mannum would make the simplest of cheeses – quark.

“They would take a bucket of full-cream milk and put something in it to thicken it up. I think it was some kind of tablet.  When it thickened it resembled  junket, but it was actually home-make quark. They would then hang I t up until the whey drained away and then they would add caraway seed.  That was the tastiest cheese.’’

Then he led the charge to the cheese platter before us:

South Cape Brie – a soft goat cheese coated in ashes; Saltbush goat cheese;  D’Affinois, French double brie; Wooded blue goat cheese;  Roquefort,the King of French cheeses.

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3 Comments to “Fromages for Olivier”

  1. By Vanessa Williams, 09/07/2011 @ 1:36 am

    It is amazing how you have been able to capture this wonderful night and take a small moment and express it with such words that recreate my dad’s character so perfectly.

  2. By Josie Herbig, 09/07/2011 @ 7:18 am

    What a nice little post. Vanessa is correct in saying this little entry expessses John’s character so accurately – he is a wonderful man with fantastic stories.

  3. By nadine williams, 09/07/2011 @ 8:24 am

    Dear Vanessa, You, too, have expressed your feelings about my blog so well and I appreciate that. Josie, too, has commended me and it brightens up my day. Make sure John sees it. I am also going to write about his China adventure today because I promised my readers I would – I’ll put that in Travellers’ Tales, love to you, mum (Nadine)

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